Pheasant Tower Shoot

Pheasant Tower Shoot Pheasant Tower Shoot Pheasant Tower Shoot

European-Style Pheasant Tower Shoots at Stella Plantation

As avid hunters, we implemented European-style pheasant tower shoots at Stella to extend our hunting season and provide a unique outdoor activity for corporate entertaining. Pheasant tower shoots are a relaxed, social alternative to traditional hunting and do not require a license.

The Set Up
  • Pheasants are released from a 40-foot tower - the tallest of its kind
  • Ten shooting stations surround the tower in a large open field
How it Works
  • Ten birds are released for each hunter
  • At the sound of a horn, hunters rotate around shooting stations so that each gets a fair shot
  • When: October-March, the first and third Saturday of each month
  • Minimum # of Hunters: Ten
    *Arrange a group of ten or more hunters to receive a 10% discount and schedule your hunt any day of the week.
  • Price: $275 per hunter, $5 per cleaned and packaged bird
  • What to Bring: a shotgun, shells and shell bag, safety/sunglasses and an orange vest or hat.
  • Hunters can clean their birds if desired. Recovered birds are equally divided.
  • Glasses and orange clothing must be worn
  • When not shooting, muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction with the safety on and finger off the trigger
  • If unsure of whether to shoot at a bird, do not shoot
  • Do not leave your shooting station for any reason during a round
  • Only rotate stations at the sound of the horn
  • Birds must be left in the bin at the station from which they are shot
8:00-8:45: Check-in and Clay Shooting Trigger fingers are warmed up with sporting clay shooting.
8:45-9:00: Safety Course A mandatory safety course is given to all hunters.
9:00: The Hunt Begins Hunters assemble around a designated shooting station and await the release of the first pheasant.
12:00: Lunch Hunters dine on hot servings of local fare such as gumbo, shrimp etouffee or jambalaya. Meanwhile, the pheasants are cleaned by our staff and packaged to take home.